What is important for us in 2021?
Wednesday March 3rd, 2021

As every year, we gathered to stop for a moment and think about what motivates us to achieve our goals and solve everyday challenges. Traditionally, factors that trigger our motivation have been passed to an artist to illustrate them. 

In a view of the global situation and our resolute and warlike attitude to the challenges that arise, the painter has related our motivational triggers for the year 2021 to the wisdom of the Samurai and the Japanese culture. Symbols and their meaning in the painting:

  •   Samurai (and samurai masks) - responsibility, creativity, mutual respect, growth, improvement, and motivation. 

  •   Sea - greatness, freedom, verse raging around. And next to it us – without panic, remaining calm like a samurai with katana, dealing with danger and always respect it.  

  • Yoda (a creature sitting in a chair) - wisdom, the ability to see more. A team with a person standing next to him symbolizes special communication (even telepathy), tolerance (we are all different), teamwork, and mutual respect. 

  • Frog - a spiritual Japanese creature, associated with travel and return (because sometimes we have to return to ourselves).

  • Fish Koi - the strength of character, perseverance, accomplishment, and courage.

  • Crane – the bird of happiness.

  • Butterflies Chōchō - the souls of the dead and living, symbolizing joy and longevity.

  • Dragon - a symbol of great power, strength, and hidden knowledge.

  • Tiger - strength and bravery, determination.

We hope that our fiery attitude with ability a remain calm at all times will help to move forward through the waves and other challenges that wait ahead.