TRINITY project

Improving production efficiency with RoboCUT robot that produces cardboard packaging and parts for them


The main objective of TRINITY is to create a network of local digital innovation hubs (DIHs) composed of research centres, companies, and university groups that cover a wide range of topics that can contribute to agile production.

In TRINITY the main three themes that were taken into focus are advanced robotics, digital tools and platforms, and cybersecurity technologies, hence the name of the project. TRINITY aims to be a one-stop-shop for robotics methods and tools to achieve intelligent, agile, and re-configurable production.

From the onset as TRINITY consortium and its partners, we devote ourselves to push the boundaries of innovation and support SMEs, DIHs, and relevant stakeholders with a bold vision for expanding robotics solutions for the manufacturing industry.

With the recent end of the TRINITY competition, we are pleased to announce that we have became one of the winners and will be able to carry out production processes with RoboCUT even more efficiently. RoboCUT is a robot that produces cardboard packaging and parts for them. Its technical characteristics allow you to quickly produce packages of different dimensions, which are prepared for immediate use. RoboCUT will be designed by one of our partners, Industrial Robotics Company UAB, and programmed with the help of our other partner -  Stogger BV.   BaltLED, meanwhile, will provide an opportunity to test this equipment in a real production process.

A total of 199,500 EUR was received. Estimated project duration from 6 to 10 months.                                                                                                             

RoboCut is part of a sub-project that has indirectly received funding from the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation programme via an Open Call issued and executed under project TRINITY (grant agreement No 825196)