People behind value: Žydrūnė
Wednesday March 10th, 2021

Žydrūnė has been working at Baltled for almost two years now. Although, as she tends to joke, a few more years have been spent in preparations as she was responsible for the assembly of LED modules at the company whose services Baltled had used. No wonder when Baltled built its own production line of LED modules, Žydrūnė was entrusted to manage it.

Žydrūnė admits that the beginning wasn't very easy: changes in the production process and a new superior with her own style of working were met quote hostile by the team. Establishing her authority was a serious test.  Which was passed with flying colours - today production is one of the most unified and stable teams in the company.

According to Žydrūnė, the foundation of a strong team – dialogue, mutual respect, and emotional stability. Therefore, decisions in her department are made after discussing with all employees ensuring that all opinions, ideas, and concerns are taken into account. By being able to express themself freely, people feel a respected and important part of the team. According to Žydrūnė, talking also helps to release emotional tension and make decisions more rationally.

Of course, not all decisions involve 100 percent agreement from everyone. Sometimes an additional discussion is needed and other angles of approach. According to Žydrūnė, it is important to listen to employees not only with ears but also with eyes - body language often says more than words. If Žydrūnė sees that employee feels constrained to speak in public, she invites him/her to talk in person.

Žydrūnė herself uses talking to sort out her feelings and make problems feel more manageable. If talking is not an option, distancing from the environment and listening to music is.

Žydrūnė admits that work is her priority now. Although it requires a lot of effort leaving very little time for leisure, Žydrūnė likes what she does. It‘s an investment for her future, as she says.

It is necessary to tell, that the efforts are already paying off - Žydrūnė is a respected and valued leader of her team. She was also acknowledged as the Best Employee of the Year 2020. Although it is very gratifying, Žydrūnė as a true leader points out that this achievement is not hers alone, but all team.