People behind value: Tadas
Friday November 6th, 2020

Tadas has been working at Baltled for a year and a half. Having started his career in the customer service department, today he is an Export Sales Representative for general lighting. According to Tadas, the position change happened organically: as new sales members came and needed help to settle in, Tadas assisted with the onboarding and mentoring them. Until finally, sales became his day-to-day business.

While neither the customer support nor sales lacked monotony and challenges, Tadas admits liking the latter more. There is more positivity in sales, according to him. Of course, there are problems everywhere. The most important when dealing with it, not to take it personally and keep it professional. Tadas is sure that there's always a solution to problems, you just need to listen and hear out what the other needs. And not get disappointed if things just don't go your way. Although it’s not that simple when you’re a stubborn perfectionist. But Tadas is trying his best to overcome his inner critic and turn mistakes into the opportunity to learn and grow.

What also makes Tadas grow–sharing his knowledge and expertise with his juniors. He sincerely believes when we grow others, we grow ourselves. According to Tadas, the main goal of working as a team—to grow and improve together. Why argue or fight when you can work together and all win?

It‘s obvious that Tadas is a true optimist. That is why it is a rare occasion to see him gloomy or without a smile. But he also has his tough days, too. When they come, Tadas does not force the happiness but embraces the emotion he feels and accepts it.

Although Tadas sees himself as a creator (he does photography and performs as DJ), he admits that at this moment doing arts is not his priority. What he prefers now is to focus on becoming a better salesperson.

After being brain fried with sales stuff, Tadas relaxes by watching movies, hanging around the garage fixing cars or unwinding his mind with household chores. Grilling with his family and friends and making mouth-watering meat is also a yes for Tadas. But there is no better way to relax for Tadas than scuba diving. On land, it is hard to switch off, but when you dive you leave your worries at the surface. All you can hear is bubbles and your heartbeat. What also helps Tadas to achieve a meditative state of mind and become more aware of his body – yoga. Although he admits that the last time he did it was more than a year ago...

But let‘s not dwell on the past. What matters is now. That‘s why Tadas lives at the moment and enjoys present each day, becoming the best version of himself. For both – his family and himself.

Quick shots:

A book/movie that everyone should read/watch at least once? The movie "The Pursuit of Happyness".

Your worst enemy? Perfectionism and fear of making mistakes.

What is your greatest value in life? Family.

What do you value most in other people? Heartfelt sincerity.

What would you wish for other people? To love themselves.

What do you wish for yourself? To love myself more.