People behind value: Edvinas
Tuesday August 24th, 2021

Edvinas is Head of Signage here at BaltLed and is known to be a very positive person in the office with a smile on his face all the time. In 2018 he started as Sales Accountant Manager and after 1,5  years he got promoted and became responsible for a Signage team. Currently, he has 5 team members, but it keeps growing.

Edvinas is an expert in Signage and has close contacts with the majority of Baltled. He is very passionate  about his work and says that his biggest motivation to work here is a technology-based, unique niche business where he can work with world-known brands. Nevertheless, Edvinas highlights that he feels like he is being heard by the company. Most importantly he says he is not just a small part of a huge mechanism, but the contrary has the power and opportunity to make changes and influence decisions.

Edvinas key to success is not being afraid to make mistakes. It does not matter how many times he fails - he can learn from it and that way step by step achieve better results. It is impossible to be devoted to something without any mistakes along the way. Despite the appearance of mistakes, a purposeful attitude and work bring the result. In fact, his motto is: “Do not be afraid to make mistakes”. All mistakes he made along the way became his lessons and made him an expert at Signage.

As mentioned previously, Edvinas is a warm and typically happy person and his secret for that is to be surrounded by a positive environment. Of course, there are a lot of ups and downs in his work however positive attitude and jokes here and there keep the mood up for him. Of course, not all decisions involve 100 percent agreement from everyone. Sometimes an additional discussion is needed and other angles of approach.

Teamwork is an important everyday aspect in Edvinas job. He believes that it is important to have motivated, similar-minded people with inner desire who try to be more than just a small piece in a pot. Edvinas thinks that it is important for team members to grow and in order to do that they need to put individual efforts to search for information and not just wait around for the manager or company to hand it out. Dynamic, technology-based business requires day-to-day extra interest and attention to market and customer demands.

For leisure, Edvinas likes to go fishing with his friends and sometimes alone. There is no better way for him to relax and run away from daily routine than to be in nature, near the water, in total salience, away from urban life. He also enjoys various indoor and outdoor sports activities. Edvinas adds that sometimes he likes to watch documentaries and videos about political matters in his free time. One of his most-watched vlogger is Malinauskas.