People behind value: Aleksas
Monday March 9th, 2020

Aleksas is a great example of employee success stories who started his career as a lighting Project Designer, later become a junior Product Engineer and now he holds the position of Business Analyst.

Aleksas tends to joke that his career took a step forward thanks to his laziness: while working at the Project Design department, he noticed that some of the calculating processes took too long. How much time could be wasted by entering the numbers manually?- he asks. After finding a solution how to automate processes and the work becoming more routine, he applied to the Product Development department. To have more exciting and interesting work. However, while working as a Junior Product Engineer, Aleksas was constantly asked to help with other process automation, until eventually, the Product Development department was left behind ...

Now his work revolves around reports and data that show how well the company is doing. The best part of his work that there is almost no monotony in it - 90% of new reports are started from scratch. And that is exactly what drives Aleksas forward -  the whole process of finding the solution. As Alex jokes if his work offered no change or challenges in routine, he would probably go crazy ...

Of course, sometimes finding a solution takes longer than expected. "If it happens, it‘s always a good idea to take a step back from it: have a cup of coffee or get some sleep and all of a sudden the solution becomes clear.  What is most important, to not give up while waiting for the right answer to come", he says. Aleksas strongly believes that optimism helps us to solve the problems. According to him, it‘s often the negative thought that creates the problem.

To unwind after work and let go of the pressures of the day, Aleksas watches movies. As his brain is usually completely fried from a day of hard thinking and analyzing, he prefers lighter entertainment, mostly comedies. The least interesting for Aleksas is fantasy. I'm probably too realistic and practical to enjoy such a genre, he says.

The best way to relax for Aleksas – hang around garage fixing cars and repairing things. "I'd better spend more time in the garage, find the problem and fix it by myself than take the car to the repair because it‘s uninteresting", says Aleksas. It‘s true therapy for him. On the whole, Aleksas has a great weakness for machinery - he always has to find out how the mechanisms work...

Thus, it's no wonder Aleksas dreams to build his electric car. Or at least a hybrid, as he says. Truth be told, Aleksas was ready to start working on this project, but after considering all the investment and time he needed, he decided to postpone it a bit.

Still, we believe Aleksas won‘t give up on his dream and it‘s just a matter of time before we see him proudly driving his own-build electric car!

Quick shots:

A book/movie that everyone should read/watch at least once? Movie "Seven Pounds".

If you could travel through time, where would you go? To the 1980s to see how it was before electronic devices and digital technologies breakthrough.

What do you value most in other people? Sincerity.

What would you wish for other people? Positivity.

What do you wish for yourself? Positivity.