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We will get in touch with you within 2 working hours
Monday to Friday 7 – 18

We will get in touch with you within 2 working hours
Monday to Friday 7 – 18

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People behind value: Jonas

Jonas has joined BaltLED more than 5 years ago. His main job is to develop solutions that meet customer needs. It is Jonas’s hands that develop new products and upgrade existing ones.

According to Jonas, the best driving force in work is ability to create together. And challenges that encourages to improve. Challenges, according to Jonas, are like martial arts – to be a good fighter, one must constantly grow physically and mentally.

When Jonas faces criticism, he doesn’t take it personal, but rather search where and how improvements can be made. According to Jonas, change is an integral part of the process. Otherwise, there will be no success.

If Jonas happen to stuck in a creative drought, he goes back to the “roots of fundamental knowledge” as he says. The concept of creativity itself, according to Jonas, is somewhat exaggerated – to be creative, is to take information from the past, the surrounding environment and plant it in your head. This is the key to development.

His free time Jonas spends by doing sports and learning engineering stuff – metalworking, quantum physics, electrical engineering… He also enriches his knowledge in LED by reading LED professional. No surprise, we call Jonas the BaltLED’s Google: if you have a question you with no answer, you go to Jonas.

An idea fix he dreams about at the moment is to challenge himself with welding processes. Also, with a car project. And making lighting fixtures. And many more… According to Jonas, so many plans, so little time…


Quick shots:

Imagine you have a time machine. What would you do? Definetely go back to the beginning of the 20th century to meet Nicola Tesla and have nice chat about his experiments.

A book that everyone should read at least once? The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking by Edward Burger and Michael Starbird.

Which historical figures would you invite for dinner? The god of electrical engineering – C. P. Steinmetz

Worst invention ever? Electrons

Best invention ever? A rotating magnetic field

What is your most valuable asset? Knowledge

What would you wish to other people? Spirituality

What do you wish for yourself? Knowledge and spirituality