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We will get in touch with you within 2 working hours
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We will get in touch with you within 2 working hours
Monday to Friday 7 – 18

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People behind value: Andrius

Andrius has joined BaltLED more than 4 years ago. Until the beginning of this year, he was responsible for international sales, but now Andrius devotes his time and efforts to the business development of LED signage solutions. As Andrius himself says, he is „looking at the bigger picture“ now. That means more demanding meetings, more challenging negotiations and many new starts from scratch.

According to Andrius, the best driving force in work is direct contact with network people. Also, the power to influence and make decisions. The more challenging decisions, the more interesting it is. Altogether, it‘s just not Andrius style to sit in his comfort zone and not challenge himself. Not surprisingly, his motto is „exceed at everything you do!”

Of course, it‘s natural that things don’t always go as planned at work, but Andrius doesn’t take it personally. According to him, „business is a fight where you should keep your personal feelings separate from it“. What is important is not to give up and keep in mind that when a door closes you can use a window.
To break away from things, Andrius listen to music. He has a guitar but doesn’t play with it. Sometimes it’s just not time yet as he says. Andrius also likes to watch movies and TV-series. Favorite genre – mind distorters such as Mr. Nobody, Memento or Inside man. If he wants simply to chill, he would go for a “lighter” movie but to choose one he would make a “rough” selection based on critics’ reviews and viewers’ ratings.

Sport is another form of relaxation for Andrius. Results are important, but the process is far more. Maybe that‘s why a lazy holiday is not for him – Andrius would rather go sightseeing or trekking than lay down on the beach for the whole day. But he would definitely say yes to a good steak and a mug of cold beer.
His free time Andrius spends with his family. What he dreams about now is their own house. As Andrius himself says, it‘s a very real dream and it‘s just a matter of time when it will happen.

Quick shots:

Imagine you have a time machine. What would you do? Take a sneak peek at our future about 100 years from now.

A book that everyone should read at least once? As a sales guy, I recommend SPIN selling by Neil Rackham.

Which famous person would you invite for dinner? Morgan Freeman. I would like to have a chat with him about the meaning of life.

Worst invention ever? War.

Best invention ever? Plane.

What is your most valuable asset? Family and continuous learning.

What would you wish for other people? More understanding of each other.

What do you wish for yourself? Always move forward and not lose direction.