Manufacturing Innovation Valley

Investing in and being a part of an Ecosystem for Innovative Ideas

Innovation ecosystem

As product development is one of our primary activities and we wish to further extend our R&D skills, Baltled has become  a major partner and investor  in the  Manufacturing Innovation Valley , the first innovation space for manufacturing enterprises in the Baltic State. The Valley provides a  platform for  small manufacturers, start-ups, technology developers, and researchers to carry out manufacturing activities, create digital innovations and prototypes, and test their innovative ideas. It offers the right facilities, manufacturing equipment, and expert advice in around 20 different technological areas. 

It is an innovation ecosystem made up of members of the Digital Innovation Hub (DIH ) and the Cluster of Manufacturing Innovators , both of which Baltled is a part of.

Services of Baltled provided by the Manufacturing Innovation Valley

Baltled's optoelectronics lab is located in the Valley and provides the following services:

  • Digital photos (using Microscope zoom x5, x10, x20 x50, x100)

  • Live video, photos, video, and data analysis (using Thermal camera)

  • Light distribution, photos, analysis (using ProMetric Imaging Colorimeters)

  • Temperature conditions simulation from -50°C to 120°C (using thermal cycling chamber)

  • Measuring luminous flux per unit of area (using Digital lux meter)

  • Displaying and analyzing the waveform of electronic signals (using Oscilloscope)

  • Temperature measurements up to 8 points (using Digital temperature measuring device)

  • Adjustable voltage up to 60 volts and 6 amps (using Laboratory DC power supply)

  • Adjustable frequency and voltage (using Laboratory AC power supply)

  • Measuring the light emitted from an object at different angles (using Goniophotometer)

  • Measuring both the wavelength and amplitude of the light emitted from a light source (using Spectroradiometer)

  • 3D printing from PLA, PETG plastic, resin and PA12 plastic

  • Testing power supplies

  • PCB assembly


If you have any questions about the services we offer or wish to use them, please contact or visit us at:

DARIUS RADŽIŪNAS |  Lab specialist

Phone: +370 612 93027



Baltled's  Optoelectronics Lab |  Manufacturing Innovation Valley

Nalsios str. 11,  LT-14332 Vilnius, Lithuania